Written By Risha Jagadish 

It’s easy to get lost in the distinctive magic that radiates through Grove Street. From local pizzerias and gastropubs to restaurants that cater to every palate, we sing its praises all the time. And while there are plenty of places to raise a glass or two, it seems as though the newest trend on the block is the speakeasy culture. Speakeasies first came about during prohibition in the 1920s when alcohol was illegal. All these years later they’re still around, but now, less out of necessity and more out of curiosity and fun. Read on for what we know about 143 Social, a new speakeasy open underneath Bareburger in Jersey City.

How to Get There

Located right on the pedestrian plaza of Newark Avenue, and a stone’s throw from Grove Street path is Bareburger, owned by Arto Ozgun, which is famous for its burger, salad, and fries. “We have over seven locations in New Jersey, and the cocktail bar concept is the first of its kind,” said Gabriel Rieben, General Manager, and Beverage Director at 143 Social. Gabriel has played a part in managing and designing beverages at some of the other popular bars around town, dullboy, Cellar 335, and Madame to name a few.